How to change mobile operator using Mobile Number Portability service


    From today, Mobile Number Portability (MNP) will be available in all over India. MNP is already launched in Haryana and now will be rolled out in the entire nation. MNP is a service using which a mobile user can change their service provider without changing their current mobile number. For eg. you can choose to switch to Airtel on your Idea number.

How to change operator with Mobile Number Portability:

   ***Jammu & Kashmir Mobile users can use the Mobile number portability service by simply calling to 1900.
1. Send SMS:  Type PORT<space>Your 10 digit mobile number and send it to 1900. For eg. PORT 9906012345. Normal SMS charges are applied on this SMS.
2. You will immediately recieve a 8 digit UPC (Unique Portability Code) from your existing operator via SMS with expiry date of that code.
3. Go to any retail outlets of your new mobile operator and provide them with the Unique Portability Code. Don’t forget to carry your documents like Identity Card and a passport size photo with you.
4. You’ll have to fill the Number porting form and provide the details like 8 digit UPC ID and your current mobile number and submit it to your new operator along with your documents. New operator will charge you maximum of 19 RS. for this service.
5. You will recieve a SMS from your new operator telling you the day your number will be ported. This process can take upto 7 Days. Till then your current srvice will remain available. You number will be switched off for maximum of two hours  on the day of transfer.

1. Before switching to new operator you’ll have to complete 3 months with your current service provider.
2. Postpaid users will have to clear off all the pending bills with the current provider before migrating to new operator.
3. The remaining balane of prepaid number will not be carry forward to new service provider. So, its better if you use your balance before poting your number.
4. You can not port your number from one circle(state) to another unless MNP service launched pan-india.
5. You can port your CDMA number to GSM and GSM to CDMA with MNP.
6. The time period of transferring the MNP in Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and North East service areas will be 15 days but not 7 days.
So, now with Mobile Number Poratbility, it is expected that mbile operators will launch some new offers to attract users. In all this, the  one who will get the most benefit is the “Customer”. So, whats your take on MNP? Are you going to change your service provider and if yes then which? Share your thoughts using comment box below.

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April 4, 2014 at 10:30 AM
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April 4, 2014 at 10:31 AM

Thanks for giving information.
Your post was very useful to me.Through your post,I got information about mobile number portability.I followed your steps and done my phone number portability.But my mobile won't accept this sim.At that time,I had no idea about .I bought this phone from my closest friend.So i called him and discussed about this problem.He said ,I needed to unlock my phone.For unlocking i referred
Now i really enjoy my new service provider service

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