Facebook Virus Attack

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Beware Of New Facebook Virus Attack

Koobface tricks you into following a link that looks like it’s from a friend. It’ll usually look like a link to a video of someone you know. Once you open the link, though, you’ll be told you need to download an update to your adobe flash video player. That update is actually the Facebook worm threat in disguise. Koobface poses to you as a Youtube page. It’ll even display your name and photo from Facebook to give a nonthreatening appearance to unsuspecting users.

How Koobface Facebook Worm Spreads?

Once you agree to install the software it offers, the Koobface worm will take over your computer and hijack your Facebook account. It’ll then start sending messages to your friends in an attempt to infect them as well. It also sends and receives information from an infected machine by connecting to several servers. The worst part is, this deadly worm is not restricted to facebook alone. It has been detected on other popular social networking sites like MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, Hi5, and Live Journal.

Protect yourself from Koobface Worm

Keeping yourself safe from Koobface is simple: Be very cautious of what you click. Even if something appears to have come from a friend, remember that their account could be infected and the message may not actually be from them. Make sure you know where you’re going before you click. This is exactly the same behavior as Viddyho worm which surfaced on GTalk Instant Messenger.
Even if by a chance you click on the link, never ever install the adobe flash update or any other software directly from that page. If you ever need to upgrade your music player or video player, always make it a point to go directly to the manufacturer website and install the upgrade.
This is not just on Facebook. Even on other social networking websites like Twitter, Orkut etc., always be sure on what you are clicking. As the days pass by, the worms are getting more and more sophisticated. better be safe than repent later.

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