Nokia Full Factory Format


A Complete Tutorial where u can fully format ur Nokia Phone. Follow the steps below:
(WARNING : anyone trying trick will be on the behalf on his/her own risk and responsibility)
So here starts the tutorial...

(1) Data Cable
(2) Nokia tool by Rolis v1.8

(1) Start Nokia Tool and setup the cable in Options menu.
(2) Use Auto setup for searching the phone and set cable parameters autmatically.
(3) The button SFR will reset all user specific settings to factory defaults!

All following settings will be lost:
↔ Profiles
↔ Own Ringtones
↔ Pictures and Graphics
↔ Operator logo
↔ Notes
↔ Gaming records
↔ Call registers
↔ And more user specific values

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very nike

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sir did i need any hardware for this

January 23, 2012 at 1:35 AM
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