Use Browser as Calculator


A funny trick to calculate on ur web browser. Don't need long lengthy methods. Simple methods. Try it. I myself checked this in Internet Explorer 8 and it worked. Some browsers may not support this trick. Here is the simple method to perform this trick.


STEP 1: Open ur web browser ( I recommend Internet Explorer)

STEP 2: Just Copy the below Code in Web Address Bar
                      javascript: alert(600/200);

STEP 3: Hit Enter Key. And a window will appear with ur result.

U can change the values and operations in the above code to perform ur task. Below I have explained a little

E.G 1: Suppose u want to add 2 numbers let it the numbers be 200 and 300
          then edit in the above java code in STEP 2
          Ur new Code will be like this.
           javascript: alert(200+300);
         Hit enter and a new window will appear with result showing 500, as in pic below.
Similarly u can change the number and can also perform any mathematical task like addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. U can also use this for various numbers.
Suppose instead of two numbers u have three or four and u want to add them. Then use the same code also but edit it on the right.
E.G 2: Suppose u want to add three numbers like 100, 150, 200 and 250.
Then edit the code (STEP 2) like below
                            javascript: alert(100+150+200+250);
Hit enter and it will show the result.

Hope u enjoy this.Keep visiting.

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