Facebook doesn't deletes Pictures permanently


It may come as a rude shock, but Facebook users should not feel surprised if tomorrow they come across their photos existing in the web world despite having deleted them personally long ago.

The photos do not disappear even after they are deleted but can still be accessed by anyone with a link to the images themselves. The company admits that its systems "do not always delete images in a reasonable period of time", the Daily Mail reported.
 It is among one of the limitation of the largest Social networking Site that still after deleting ur photos, they will be accessible. Let's know HOW???? See below:

Step 1: Copy the url of any image that you have uploaded on Facebook.
Step 2: Compose a new e-mail.
Step 3: Paste this link and send mail to your friend or on other email id where u can check.
Step 4: Now Delete that photo from your profile.
Step 5: The photo is now inacessible to u and ur friends, but
Step 6: Open the email id where u have sent this link or you can also check it from sent items folder.
Step 7: Now Click on the link, u will see the photo that u have Deleted.

Funny naaa. Enjoy

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