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Anyone working professionally with a computer has their hands on the keyboard most of the time. Reaching for the mouse can be an annoying disturbance and personally I often turn over my mouse in such situations. An easy solution is to simply keep the hands on the keyboard and complete as many tasks as possible with keyboard shortcuts only.

Apart from making you work more efficiently and faster, you can also impress your friends or colleagues by being able to work without a mouse. This article describes some cool Windows 7 keyboard tricks to get you started. In the end you might never want to take your hands off the keyboard again.
Most efficient Short-cuts : (image for windows keys has been given at the end)
[Windows] + D = Show or hide the desktop.
[Windows] + Up Arrow = Maximize window.
[Windows] + Down Arrow = Minimize window.
[Windows] + Left Arrow = Select window to left half of screen.
[Windows] + Right Arrow = Select window to right half of screen.
[Windows] + Tab = 3D representation of open windows.
[Windows] + T = Move focus to front or back of taskbar.
[Windows] + B = Puts focus on the ‘show hidden icons’ button on the system tray.
[Windows] G = Cycle though Gadjets.
[Windows] X = Launches windows mobility centre.
[Windows] + 1 or 2 or 3 upto 9 = Launch shortcuts pinned to the taskbar.
[Windows] + + (Plus Key) = Activates windows magnifier to zoom in.
[Windows] + - (Minus Key) = Activates windows magnifier to zoom out.
[Alt] + [Tab] = Cycle through open windows.
[Ctrl] + [Alt] + D = Switch to docked mode.
[Ctrl] + [Alt] + L = Switch to lense mode.
[Ctrl] + [Alt] + I = Invert Colours.
[Windows] Esc = Exit magnifier views.
[Alt] + [Ctrl] + [Tab] = Shows list of open windows.

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