Hidden Run Commands

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A tutorial to know some of the hidden commands that will help you to find more information related to your system, its software, hardware, memory, operating system etc.
Try These..

First of all Click on the 'Start' button.
Then Click on "Run"
A new window will open.

Then 'type' Cmd in the newly opened window. (Fig below)
then click on OK
A new window will get opened.
Now here U can type any of the command.
Hit enter after typing the command.
0) cmd - comand prompt
1) compmgmt.msc - for computer managent
2) devmgmt.msc - device manager
3) regedit - registry editor
4) msconfig - system configuratn utility . . .
5) compmgmt.msc - Computer management
6) devmgmt.msc - Device manager
7) diskmgmt.msc - Disk management
8) dfrg.msc - Disk defrag
9) eventvwr.msc - Event viewer
10) fsmgmt.msc - Shared folders
11) gpedit.msc - Group policies
12) lusrmgr.msc - Local users and groups
13) perfmon.msc - Performance monitor
14) rsop.msc - Resultant set of policies
15) secpol.msc - Local security settings
16) services.msc - Various Services
17) msinfo32 - System Information
18) sysedit - System Edit
19) win.ini - windows loading information(also system.ini)
20) winver _ Shows current version of windows
21) calc - calculator

Suppose if u have to view the current version of windows. (20)
then in above showed window (3rd figure)
just type winver after C:\users\ayaan> and hit enter. Like below

*(Ayaan - It is the name of the system. It will not be same on yours)
For more ask in comments. 

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