Check Balance & Validity of any Reliance User


It is a an important trick to keep a watch on the mobile balance of ur family member, boy-friend or girl-friend if they are using a Reliance mobile.

What you have to do this is to follow a simple procedure :-
(i) Open any internet browser.
(ii) Type the below link written in red
(iii) After = sign type the mobile number, whose balance you want to check.

(iv) Hit enter

It will display results like this . . .
Dear Customer , Your CORE Bal is 43.24 MB, validity : 2013-08-14 ,

Here, MB means Rupees, meaning the balance of above entered number is Rs 43.24 and the validity ends of 14-08-2013

Enjoy the trick, Trick has been posted for educational purposes only.

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