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Many times You want to read a Whatsapp message but doesn't want to show others that you have read the message or you are online. I also came to such circumstances in my life, hence started searching here and there to find some solution to this problem.

I downloaded many apps who was claiming large but proved nothing, finally I succeed to overcome this and here is the trick...

STEP 1: Download the .apk file from the below link

STEP 2: Install it on your phone.

STEP 3: Now whenever u want to read any message without showing yourself one, just open this app 'Whatsapp Last Seen Hide"

STEP 4: Click on 'Use Whatsapp in Hidden Mode'

STEP 5: Read the message but please check the limitation below:

The biggest Limitation of this app is that it works for some seconds, hence you have to quickly read the message and quit the app, else you will be shown online.

The app works by blocking your internet access for some seconds, means you are reading the message in offline mode that is why you are not being shown online.

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